Indoor Growing

Grow tents and grow lights are the bare necessities to start indoor growing your plants in the privacy of your home.

Choosing the right grow tent, grow light, and other equipment to start indoor growing depends on factors such as the number of plants you seek to grow, the space available to fit your tent, and, most importantly, your budget.

Learn more from our buyers and reviews and DIY projects that you can do with minimal equipment. Need, this page will supply you with the resources to make growing fun and easy for you.

In addition, we have essential care guides and resources on the common issues that any indoor grower will encounter.

In this section:

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Grow tents and other equipment that is essential to start indoor growing.

They are usually mobile and suitable for growing plants in small spaces.

Learn more on what size you’ll need and what other equipment to further your indoor growing.


Photosynthesis, which is how your plants feed, can’t take place unless they get light.

Artificial lighting – grow lights – are perfect for supplying the required light your plants needs.

Learn more about the size and power you need as well as the best brands to get.


Cannabis is a big part of the indoor growing culture.

Learn more about frequent issues that come up with growing cannabis.