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About Us | UrbanOrganicYield.com

Hi, I’m Lindsey founder of  Urban Organic Yield, I wanna try to help you learn to grow your own food, we want to show you that even beginners can grow healthy, organic food and you can do it even if you live in a small space, with no garden.

Why Urban Organic Yield ?

From outdoor food gardens to container planting, to aquaculture and hydroponics, we cover a range of topics with useful information and step by step guides to teach you the basics and get you on your way to producing healthy, affordable food for you and your family.

I started Urban Organic Yield for a few reasons. One being that I want to share my knowledge and passion for plants with as many people as I can. And two, I want to bring gardening to everyone, especially beginners.

I was about 6 years old when I saw my first “wild” tomato plant, growing out of my granny’s compost heap.

I was hooked and have never looked back. With gardening there are no limits. You can grow anything, anywhere with the right tools and equipment. And enthusiasm!

Are You Urban dweller but Love to grow ?

Space is not an issue, if you live in a tiny apartment or a small house with only a patch of lawn, I will teach you some simple gardening hacks for transforming any small space into a food producing paradise.

You can even grow indoors if your climate is harsh, with the amazing grow lights and hydroponic kits, there really are no limits.

I also had the chance to put my Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) degree into practice as we had the chance to experiment with indoor growing. We had a big shed at our disposal that we rigged up with grow lights to keep our summer greens in supply during winter.

Back then we used all sorts of containers, gutters and used irrigation pipes to set up very homemade hydroponic systems. But these days I am lucky enough to be able to buy good quality equipment for my indoor growing.

After I left our little homestead, I worked for a company that installed vertical wall and roof gardens. That took my passion for gardening to a whole other level!

There seriously are no limits , except your own mind. There is a solution to every garden problem from poor soil, to pest and disease issues, to heating and lighting.

About Us | UrbanOrganicYield.com

Whether you want to grow salads greens and herbs on your kitchen windowsill or orchids in your study. If you want to use a patio to grow food in tubs or if you want to go guerrilla and use an abandoned lot, no limits!

I hope to teach you that anyone can garden, anyone can grow food, ANYWHERE! As a beginner it is wise to keep things simple. If your budget allows there are amazing products to choose from, from seed to soil amendments to hydroponic equipment to lights. Go organic or go soilless, the nutrients available today mean you get to choose.

I used to be a total purist when it came to growing and organic food really does taste better but don’t let the quest for perfection stop you from starting somewhere. The most important thing is to begin! Once you see your first seed sprout or your first cutting take root, you will not look back.

Remember there is a solution to every problem when it comes to gardening. Plants bring a sense of harmony into our lives. To work with living things makes us feel more alive. Urban living can be frenetic and fast paced. Gardening helps us to slow down the pace and breathe.

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About Us | UrbanOrganicYield.com

Lindsey Hyland grew up in Arizona where she attended University of Arizona’s Controlled Environment Agriculture. She has supplemented her formal education by working on various organic farms, including spending a semester abroad in India.  ​She is sharing everything at on her gardening journey at urbanorganicyield.com to turn your gardening adventure into a lifelong passion.

Growing and/or raising just about anything gets her excited. She is especially passionate about environmental justice and Self-sufficiency, sustainable ways to better run urban garden or small-scale farms and homesteads. She is learning a lot, and so will you. She writes at Urban Organic Yield and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.