Diy Grow Tent: 12 Easy Yet Inexpensive DIY Grow Box Ideas You Can Build

Growing plants indoors will require you to have a grow tent to make sure that you can create a controlled environment where you can let your plants thrive.

Grow tents are available in different sizes and you can easily get these online or from shops with gardening tools and items.

While getting a grow tent is a cheaper way to grow plants indoors rather than building your very own greenhouse, there are still ways for you to save a few more bucks with these.

A great DIY project is surely the way to go to save up and make sure that you get a grow tent that surely fits your grow space needs!

I did some research and found some great guides and ideas on how to build a grow tent setup. I’m pleasantly surprised that there are quite a handful of guides out there.

Of course, I’d love to share them with you so if you want to get some great DIY grow Tent ideas , just read along.

Tips for Gardening in Grow Tents

Now, before I'll tell you how to build a grow tent, I’d like to share some reason why making your own grow tent is actually a good idea and the key requirements to create a great grow tent.

I know that it may sound tedious and it’s true that doing this will require some effort, but it will be worth it.

Using a grow tent alone just gives you the control to let your plants thrive well but making your own grow tent can let you have the upper hand when it comes to making sure that you have adequate space for it.

You can create a grow tent based on the available space you have wherever it is in your house or even the basement or garage.

You also get to choose the materials you use that depends on your budget or your preferences.

When shopping for ready to set-up grow tents, you may find yourself wanting features that a certain brand does not have but others do.

This dilemma, you don’t have to face when you build your own grow tent. You basically can incorporate whatever feature you like that could work well with your crops or plants.

Key Requirements that Your Grow Tent Should Have

A grow tent should have functionalities that could help you grow your plants or crops. There are a few key requirements that should be considered to make a great grow tent. Here are some of them.

Shining a Light on Reflective Materials

Sure, you’ll get the lighting needs of your plants from any grow lights. However, your grow tent should be able to reflect lights efficiently.

Reflective Materials For Indoor  grow tent

You’ll find that commercially made grow tents usually consist of walls made with reflective mylar so it can efficiently bounce back light to your plants.

Your grow tent should also be a hundred percent lightproof. You need to be able to control how much light you have in your grow space, so you wouldn’t want light from the outside to obstruct your lighting set-up.

Properly Sealing

It’s best to have a grow tent that you can seal shut. An airtight grow tent allows you to have better control of your grow space’s atmosphere. It can also help you contain the smell of your plants.

Making your grow tent airtight can also help you avoid infestations that can be harmful to your plants.

Mylar and solid materials can help you create an airtight tent. You should always check for holes where air and light can escape from your grow tent.

Right Grow Tent Size 

Of course, you can always pick the size of the tent that you’ll need, but a great tent will maximize the available space that it can give you.

Some commercial grow tents have compartments or pockets where you can store your tools.

Making your own grow tent makes you maximize the size of what you have.

You can check where you can install pockets or compartments for not only your tools but also other grow tent essentials like dehumidifiers and vent system that can consume some of your space.

15 Easy diy grow tent plans For Year Round Indoor Gardening And Seed Starting

A DIY project like definitely makes your indoor growing hobby more personalized. Personally, I sometimes see DIY projects as a great group activity.

This diy grow box project is actually a good time to bond with family, friends or partners too.

Now, if you’re excited to know how to build your own home made grow tent, here are the diy grow box setup guide that I found and would love to share with you which I think help you to make a grow tent On A Budget.

1: DIY Grow Tent Using a Rack Build under $100

Build a DIY Grow Tent for Under $100

If you have a rack sitting in your basement and you want to make sure that your tent can disperse light efficiently, this is a great idea for you!

This is a great guide that won’t even let you spend an amount higher than $100.

You won’t need much carpentry skills for this. You only will need strong adhesives like gorilla glues or wide duct tapes.

You’ll also need to properly plan how your wirings will be arranged. For doing so, you’ll need some Velcro strips or cable stripes too.

For the wall of this grow tent, you’ll need a black and white poly. The white side of the poly is what will reflect the light inside the grow space.

2: Assemble Your Own DIY Grow Tent Using Panda Film

How to Assemble Your Own DIY Grow Tent

DIY: £25 Grow Tent


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How To Build Effective and Cheap Grow Tent



This is another DIY grow tent project that makes use of a reflective sheet. For this, a window shield was used to reflect the lights back to the plant. It kind of has the same idea of how the $2 DIY grow tent was assembled.

You just really need to hang the window shields around plants you placed in this setup. Depending on how many reflective sheets you have is the size of this grow tent.

The main challenge here is how you can keep the window shield fall straight, but it works great.

However, just like the hula hoop set up, you won’t be able to seal the grow tent in this tutorial. It means that it’s best to have this placed in a room where you can control the temperature.

I find this guide very creative. All the materials you need are listed, and you’ll only need a few tools. Your budget for this setup will be less than $100.

What you can do to improve your lighting if you follow this setup is to purchase mylar sheets that you can put up inside the tent.

12 Easy DIY Grow tent Ideas For Year Round Indoor Gardening And Seed Starting

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