Best Led Light For 4×4 Grow Tent: Get Correct LED Wattage for 4×4 tent

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Knowing the right LED wattage for a 4x4 grow tent will help you mimic sunlight to ensure that your plants receive the proper amount of lighting. This buying guide reveals how to calculate the wattage, as well as the Best LED grow lights that provide sufficient wattage for a 4x4 grow tent.  

Plants need sunlight for growth. Yet, there’s no direct sunshine inside an indoor growing space.

This is why it is crucial you learn how to determine wattage, so you could pick the right LED grow light for your 4x4 grow tent.

As a solution, we are presenting the best led light for 4x4 grow tent. The models produce the necessary 120 to 550 wattage. Likewise, they can decrease operating costs while boosting revenue.

Not only that, we will teach you how to determine the right wattage depending on your growing situation.

Wondering what’s the use of wattage, as well as PAR and PPFD levels? Worry no more! We have all the information, suggestions, and tips you need.

Top 4 Led Grow light For 4x4 grow tent: How Do They Compare

The MARS HYDRO Pro II Epistar 1600W LED Grow Light balances actual power, PAR and PPFD values, and core coverage. Its LED lights are perfect light for growing inside a 4x4 grow tent.

Meanwhile, the BESTVA 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light comes second best when it comes to PAR and PPFD levels, as well as compact design.

The VIPARSPECTRA V1200 Grow Light and Phlizon Cree Cob Series Full Spectrum Grow Lightare best used for 3x3 grow tents.

Yet, their high PAR and PPFD values can compensate and cover canopy inside a 4x4 space.

The Best LED Light for 4x4 Grow Tent Reviews - Top 4 Picks Of 2019




MARS HYDRO Pro II Epistar 1600W LED Grow Light

  • Actual Power: 800 watts
  • PAR Value: 918 μmol
  • PPFD Value: 1845 μmol/m2/s
  • Rated Power: 1600 watts
  • Core Coverage: 4.5x4.5 feet
  • BESTVA 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

  • Actual Power: 185 watts
  • PAR Value: 929 μmol
  • PPFD Value: 1221 μmol/m2/s
  • Rated Power: 1000 watts
  • Core Coverage: 5x4 feet
  • VIPARSPECTRA V1200 Grow Light

  • Actual Power: 520 watts
  • PAR Value: 490 μmol
  • PPFD Value: 870 μmol/m2/s
  • Rated Power: 1,200 watts
  • Core Coverage: 3.5x3.5 feet
  • Phlizon Cree Cob Series Full Spectrum Grow Light

  • Actual Power: 245 watts
  • PAR Value: 880 μmol
  • PPFD Value: 941μmol/m2/s
  • Rated Power: 1000 watts
  • Core Coverage: 3x3 feet
  • Know Your Wattage: How Many Watts Should You Need Per Square Foot?

    Wattage is the measure of electric power that a light use. It identifies the approximate correct fixture size for your grow tent.

    Note that wattage does not measure brightness, but there is a correlation between the brightness of the bulb and the number of watts.

    Total growing area,plant density, and growing stages are the crucial aspects that will help you determine the LED wattage.

    Germination, vegetative, and flowering stages all require a different amount of light. Even so, the larger grow area, the bigger wattage you’ll need. But in general, a 4x4 grow tent must have an actual wattage range between 120 to 550. In general, a LED grow light draws about 32 watts to provide sunshine to cover a one square foot of canopy.

    The good thing about LEDs is that they can give off the same amount of light while using fewer watts.

    Let’s Calculate the Wattage!

    As mentioned, growers commonly use 32 watts per square foot as the basis.If this is the case for a 4x4 grow tent, then:

    • 4 feet x 4 feet = 16 square feet
    • 16 square feet x 32 watts = 512 watts of light energy

    Here is a quick guide into watts per coverage area.

    Tent Size

    Grow light Size

    Actual Wattage


    32 watts

    ~30 to 40 watts


    60 watts

    ~60 to 120 watts


    128 watts

    ~120 to 140 watts


    256 watts

    ~240 to 300 watts


    288 watts

    ~250 to 30 watts


    512 watts

    ~500 to 650 watts


    800 watts

    ~700 to 900 watts


    1024 watts

    ~900 to 1100 watts


    1152 watts

    ~1000 to 1200 watts

    Meanwhile, here’s a general wattage chart for different d​density of plants:

    Total Number of Plants

    1 square foot for each plant

    2 square foot for each plant

    4 square foot for each plant


    30-40 watts

    60-80 watts

    120-140 watts


    60-80 watts

    120-140 watts

    240-300 watts


    120-140 watts

    240-300 watts

    500-650 watts


    180-200 watts

    360-400 watts

    700-860 watts


    240-300 watts

    500-650 watts

    900-1100 watts


    300-340 watts

    600-800 watts

    1100-1400 watts

    advice on LED wattage/par for 4x4 grow tent

    There’s a notion that the bigger the wattage, the better light output. While this is somehow correct,wattage is not the only source of good lighting. In reality, it is part of what makes a LED light better.

    So, let us establish first how a LED light works its magic.

    PAR vs PPFD

    PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is a measure of energy coming from a light source. It helps plants undergo photosynthesis to reach optimum growth.

    The higher the PAR output, the better for your plants because it means there’s more edible light.

    However, the PAR output must depend on the growth stage of your plants.

    Furthermore, PAR is the range of blue, red, and green wavelengths.

    Growth Stage

    Optimal PAR Output


    200-400 (µmol/m2/sec)


    400-600 (µmol/m2/sec)


    600-1000 (µmol/m2/sec)

    What’s PPFD and Why It’s Important (1)

    On the other hand, PPFD is short for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. It measures the amount of PAR that reaches the plant.

    A 4x4 tent usually needs a PPFD level of above 1100 µmol/m2/sec or so.

    Similar to PAR, it is better for your plants if there’s a high PPFD value.

    This table shows the major light systems and their corresponding PPFD per watt or associated efficiencies.

    • 0.9 – 1.2 PPFD per watt: Budget Red/Blue
    • 1.3 – 1.5 PPFD per watt: High Spec Red/Blue
    • 1.2 – 1.5 PPFD per watt: Full Spectrum LED

    A LED light with a full spectrum design provides every kind of light that plants need. Note that not all lights on the market offer full spectrum.

    How Many LED Lights Do You Need for a 4x4 Grow Tent?

    Short answer—the quantity of LED lights in a 4x4 grow tent would depend on the wattage, as well as PAR and PPFD levels.

    Other factors such as plant density, growth stage, and growing method are also factors.

    A 4x4 grow tent creates a square-shaped grow space. Despite measuring four feet by four feet, this space is sufficient for a cannabis plant’s growing stages. Even so, it can still house accessories such as LED lights.

    Therefore, the number of LED lights inside a 4x4 grow tents may range from one to four.

    Top 4 Best LED Light For 4x4 Grow Tent in 2019 

    Here we present the features and aspects that make LED grow lights suitable for a 4x4 grow tent. They are designed to spread light evenly across your marijuana’s canopy.

    1: Top Pick for 4x4 grow tent: MARS HYDRO Pro II Epistar 1600W LED Grow Light

    Quick Facts

    • Actual Power: 800 watts
    • PAR Value: 918 μmol
    • PPFD Value: 1845 μmol/m2/s
    • Rated Power: 1600 watts
    • Core Coverage: 4.5x4.5 feet
    • Lifespan: ≥ 100,000 hours
    • Warranty: 3 years
    You’ll only need one set of the MARS HYDRO Pro II Epistar 1600W LED Grow Light to help cannabis plants inside a 4.5x4.5 feet grow tent undergo photosynthesis. It comes with full-power functionality for maximum light intensity and robust plant growth.

    This unit boasts economical features such as veg and bloom switches instead of using a remote control.

    Each growing stage emits a different amount of power, letting you save on power usage and bills.

    This LED grow light produces more red and blue PAR per watt to boost yield. Even so, you get quality output at low operating costs.

    Without the need for extra ballast, your plants get a PPFD value of 1845 μmol/m2/s.

    Its IR LED bulbs ensure the highest penetration to marijuana canopy. Particularly, the full spectrum is perfect for the vegetative and flowering stages. The package includes 440nm, 460nm, 630nm,660nm,730nm, and 2700k-3000k.

    In addition, the new LED chips have an expanded 12-band spectrum. These chips are easy to use because all you need to do is plug and play.

    Likewise, the MARS HYDRO Pro II Epistar 1600W LED Grow Light contains SMD LED technology. This means the lights make excellent heat dissipation while keeping high PPFD lumens. Consequently, it encourages a longer lifetime.

    Aside from the upgraded power supply and Epistar chips, this unit comes with improved reflector cup design to attain 100% output. This combines PAR/Lumen output and coverage well.

    What’s more, this LED grow light features a flexible U-connector that links many lights together. It makes switching vegetable and bloom settings easier and more manageable.

    As a bonus, the whole lighting set-up is ETL certified. Even the plug and wires have VDE and UL certification. You can keep the lights on while maintaining temperature levels between 85 to 105 degrees Celsius.

    Even if the product is not waterproof, note that this is for indoor use only. If operated properly, you can optimize the 100-degree angle for up to 100,000 hours.

    Growing Phase

    Distance from the Plants

    Recommended Hours


    24 to 30 feet

    12 ON / 14 OFF


    24 to 30 feet

    12 ON / 18 OFF


    18 to 24 feet

    18 ON / 6 OFF


    12 to 18 feet

    12 ON / 12 OFF

    The Verdict

    The MARS HYDRO Pro II Epistar 1600W LED Grow Light delivers increase power at low operating temperature and cost.

    It focuses on concentrating the full spectrum of LEDs for the marijuana canopy inside a 4x4 grow tent.

    2: ​Also Great: BESTVA 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    Quick Facts

    • Actual Power: 185 watts
    • PAR Value: 929 μmol
    • PPFD Value: 1221 μmol/m2/s
    • Rated Power: 1000 watts
    • Core Coverage: 5x4 feet
    • Lifespan: ≥ 100,000 hours
    • Warranty: 3 years
    You can use two to three BESTVA 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights to nurture your marijuana plants inside a 4x4 grow tent.This is possible thanks to dual-chip LEDs, which are brighter and more efficient than traditional LEDs.

    Make indoor planting easier using the full spectrum design. This model produces 380-780nm visible light, replacing natural light.

    Furthermore, nine different bands of LEDs make up the full spectrum light. These LEDs mimic natural sunshine to help cannabis plants grow at all stages.

    To maintain a powerful cooling system, the lights use 3mm thick aluminum plate radiator for better heat dissipation.

    The holes on the aluminum plate and the glass make heat convection. As a result, the LEDs run 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit lower than other lights.

    When you place this LED light 24 inches above the canopy, it will only consume 185 watts while covering even a 5x4 grow tent. In effect, there’s no need for daisy chains.

    The BESTVA 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light has 100 pieces of dual-chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs. You can angle the LEDs up to 120 degrees.

    Since this unit doesn’t need an extra ballast, you can maintain the working temperatures from 68 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

    For more convenience, you can program the timer to let the lights do their job even when you need to go out.

    Remember that the lights are for indoor use only. Thus, make sure your watering system won’t reach the lights. When you take care of the LEDs, they can serve you ≥ 100,000 hours.

    Growing Phase

    Distance from the Plants

    Recommended Hours


    26 to 30 feet

    15 to 18 hours a day


    26 to 30 feet

    15 to 18 hours a day


    20 to 26 feet

    15 to 18 hours a day


    18 to 24 feet

    12 to 14 hours a day

    The Verdict 

    You can rely on the BESTVA 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights to produce high lumen PAR.

    Its full spectrum light can serve a wide coverage area without heating too much. The unit comes with cooling and security features that help the plant’s 24/7 growth.

    3: Best Value For Money: VIPARSPECTRA V1200 1200W Grow Light

    Quick Facts

    • Actual Power: 520 watts
    • PAR Value: 490 μmol
    • PPFD Value: 870 μmol/m2/s
    • Rated Power: 1,200 watts
    • Core Coverage: 3.5x3.5 feet
    • Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours
    • Warranty: 3 years
    The VIPARSPECTRA V1200 Grow Light features optimal full spectrum lighting that helps marijuana plants get natural sunlight in all growing stages. In effect, you get bigger buds and higher yield while saving on energy costs.

    It has a full-cycle top-lighting solution for 3.5x3.5 grow tents. With its PPFD value of 870 μmol/m2/s, the LEDs have separated VEG and BLOOM switch to control the veg and bloom spectrum individually.

    The LEDs provide 90-degree pre-focused optics for precise spectral compositions and unrivaled performance. Hence, you can guarantee electrical efficiency and longevity.

    There are 240 pieces of high intensity 5W Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs. The full spectrum includes IR 730nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm, 595nm, 589nm, 475nm, 460nm, 445nm, 440nm, 3000K, 7500K.

    Aside from the built-in technology to reduce operating costs, this LED is expected to mimic sunlight for up to 100,000 hours.

    The VIPARSPECTRA V1200 Grow Light is designed to balance PAR and coverage. Even though it has a rated power of 1000 watts, you’ll only consume 520 watts to penetrate canopies inside 4x4 grow tents.

    Additionally, the LEDs are fitted with aluminum heat skins and high speed fans. These add-ons provide instant cooling in the case of overheating.

    Another notable thing about this model is its outstanding design and sturdy durable construction. It even has a fire-resistant iron housing.

    For safety, the good news is that this unit is UL Certified. This means it has undergone rigorous tests and safety standards to guarantee safe operation.

    Growing Phase

    Distance from the Plants

    Recommended Hours


    44 to 48 inches

    10 ON / 14 OFF


    44 to 48 inches

    10 ON / 14 OFF


    32 to 40 inches

    18 ON / 6 OFF


    24 to 28 inches

    12 ON / 12 OFF

    The Verdict 

    The VIPARSPECTRA V1200 Grow Light delivers constant, high quality light for year-round cannabis crop production. The bulb is designed to provide a light spectrum, which boosts plant growth and yield.

    All of these are happening while consuming less energy and operational costs.

    4: Best Innovative Powerful LEDs: Phlizon Cree Cob Series Full Spectrum Grow Light

    Quick Facts

    • Actual Power: 245 watts
    • PAR Value: 880 μmol
    • PPFD Value: 941μmol/m2/s
    • Rated Power: 1000 watts
    • Core Coverage: 3x3 feet
    • Lifespan: ≥ 50,000 hours
    • Warranty: 2 years
    Although the Phlizon Cree Cob Series Full Spectrum Grow Light is best used for a 3x3 space, it can cover a 4x4 grow tent because of its PPFD value of 941.4 watts.

    Its actual power is only 245 watts, but it can provide a full spectrum design with high PPFD value. This value promotes faster and better plant growth.

    Moreover, there are additional light beads in various bands. These light beads guarantee a full spectrum.

    There aretwo pieces of COB, 40 pieces of 630-660nm, six pieces of 470nm, five pieces of 6500k, three pieces of 3000K, two pieces of UV, and two pieces of IR.

    Phlizon is a professional LED light direct manufacturer. It is a well-trusted brand because of its powerful and qualify lights.

    As a result, the Phlizon Cree Cob Series Full Spectrum Grow Light boasts higher brightness and smaller thermal resistance. In addition, the LEDs have less light attenuation and longer life.

    One of the best things about this unit is its maximum energy saving effects. It is energy-efficient than HPS, HID, and MH lights.

    When it comes to construction, the brand didn’t sacrifice quality because it invested in materials such as a metal frame. The unit also comes with UV protection and fireproof PC cover.

    Aside from that, Phlizon researchers execute a large number of tests and experiments to ensure the lamp beads’ scientific and effective spectrum.

    With a lifespan of ≥ 50,000 hours, you’ll definitely be able to produce abundant yields for many years to come.

    This LED light is suitable for any growing stage of your crops inside a 4x4 tent. It provides a full spectrum design that fulfills the needs of marijuana plant growth.

    Growing Phase

    Distance from the Plants

    Recommended Hours


    30 to 40 inches

    10 ON / 14 OFF


    30 to 40 inches

    10 ON / 14 OFF


    24 to 30 inches

    18 ON / 6 OFF


    24 to 30 inches

    12h ON / 12h OFF

    The Verdict 

    Lightweight, fire-resistant, high PPFD rating, and efficient—what more could you ask for?

    The Phlizon Cree Cob Series Full Spectrum Grow Light delivers high intensity outcomes while ensuring low power consumption.

    Buying Guide for Selecting the Best LED Grow Lights

    You will need a lighting system that can deliver the necessary amount of light for your plants.   Here are the key points to follow when selecting the best LED lights for a 4x4 tent.

    Don’t Focus on the Wattage. Go for High PAR and PPFD levels.

    As explained earlier, wattage is only system input. Whereas, PAR and PPFD levels focus on system output.

    Let me introduce DLI (mol/m2/d). The DLI measures the total amount of light a plant gets every day.

    For instance:

    1.5 μmol/j x light output of 500W = PPF of 750 μmol/s

    1.0 μmol/j x light output of 700W = PPF of 700 μmol/s

    Based on the example above, the second model has a bigger wattage, but is 50 μmol/s shorter. As you can see, the wattage doesn’t define the power draw, it merely refers to the diode wattage.

    It is convincing to go for a 20W LED light, but it doesn’t automatically mean it can deliver more light than a 5W LED light.

    Hence, always go for high PAR and PPFD values. These values determine the actual light that gets distributed across the canopy.

    Actual Power Draw

    Rated power describes the LED light’s constant power. The higher the actual power draw, the higher PAR output a lighting system emits to your plants.

    Core Coverage

    You must compare the core coverage area of various plant lights. When the light reaches the leaves of marijuana plants, the PAR in the core coverage area can meet the normal growth of plants.

    During the germination or seedling stages, you can place the LED light higher to produce a larger coverage area.

    When the plants are entering vegetative or flowering phases, you can hang the lighting system lower since plants need more light at this period. Consequently, the cover area becomes smaller.

    Plant Density: Consider the Number of Weed Plants You Are Growing

    Normally, a 4x4 tent can grow about four to eight medium-sized plants. A 4x4 grow space can also house about 20 small containers that are about three to five inches in diameter.

    However, you have to modify the plant density depending on the growth stage. The number of lights would depend on PAR and PPFD values.

    Cost and Warranty

    LED lights are more expensive than normal light bulbs. On the bright side, they have longer lifespans compared to other types.

    Bulbs tend to burn the lights filament and short circuit due to frequent on and off switching. On the other hand, LED grow lights are built to withstand the constant on and off mechanism.

    FAQ Section

    Would the Distance Between the Canopy and LEDs Impact Light Output?

    Of course. Knowing how to maintain proper distance is one of the key factors for a successful yield. Again, the PAR and PPFD outputs, as well the growth stages, would dictate the distance.

    In general, there’s no rule book for the standard distance. However, there are recommended inches per growth stage.

    Here is the suggested distance:

    Marijuana plants are sensitive to light, no matter how much they need it to survive.

    Be careful not to position your lights too close to your cannabis plants to prevent sunburn appearance of yellow leaves, or worse, stunted growth. It could also lead to bleaching and nutrient deficiency.

    What Accessories Can Boost the Lights?

    • Rope Ratchet Hangers–Designed to pull tight and lock objects, such as LED lights, in place.
    • Thermometer and Hygrometer with Humidity Gauge –Determine the temperature and humidity levels inside a 4x4 grow tent. These accessories help you program your LED lights better.
    • Light Reflectors –Help focus the light coming from the LEDs by preventing the light from scattering inside the tent. Therefore, the light output intensifies.

    Final Reminders

    • Observe your marijuana plants regularly. Adjust the using hour depending on your plants’ need.
    • Wattage doesn’t automatically guarantee a broader coverage area.
    • The overall coverage area and growing stages would impact your needed wattage.
    • Consider the number of your plants or plant density per square foot.
    • Monitor the distance between the lights and plants to avoid stunned growth.

    Knowing the Right Wattage = Choosing the Best LEDs

    You may have made measures to ensure proper air circulation, appropriate plant density, and good soil. However, you can compromise yield if there’s no source of light.

    A tent will block natural sunlight from reaching your cannabis canopy. However, a full spectrum LED light will mimic sun rays to help your crop receive the necessary nutrients.

    LED grow lights emit a full spectrum of lights that serve as sunshine inside a grow tent. Even though they radiate heat, they can maintain a low temperature and save energy.

    They are inexpensive, yet efficient alternative light source for your crops all year round. Once you’ve determined the right wattage for your 4x4 grow tent, you can optimize the full spectrum of LED lights.

    Good quality LEDs are essential investments for any cannabis grower.With the right LED light from this product review, I’m sure your cannabis plants inside a 4x4 grow tent will flourish.

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