Rapid Rooter Starter Plugs To Germinate Plant Seedlings?

The legalization of cannabis has led to a prominent increase in demand.

Medical and recreational users are now looking to experiment with a variety of strains.

It is an ideal time to plant cannabis yourself. Chances are, you are already thinking about it. 

However, growing weed and other plants should be easy and simple.

It requires an in-depth understanding of the lifecycle of the cannabis plant and how you can improvise each stage to produce better yields.

The first stage of growing weed is germinating the seed.

Many marijuana producers are taking the help of starter plugs to help with seed germination (say bye-bye to soaked paper towels!).

The Rapid Rooter Plug by General Hydroponics is by far the most popular choice. Keep reading to find out why.

What are Rapid Rooter Plugs Made Of?

Starter plugs are made by binding a growing medium (mostly soil) with plant-derived polymers so they don’t fall apart.

Similarly, rapid rooter plant starters are fortified using Peat moss and a binder.

The plug is laced with General Hydroponics nutrients and provides a unique matrix for the optimal air-to-water ratio resulting in explosive early root growth.

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The rooter plug also helps young plants fight disease by providing a robust base and essential nutrients.

Since the rapid rooter starter plugs are made entirely from natural components they don’t carry forward any trace of chemical alteration in them, nor pass them to the plants grown.

You can even buy the General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Starter Tray to help you germinate seeds more conveniently.

Why Should I Use a Starter Plug Like a Rapid Rooter?

Using a starter plug is safe, fast and, convenient to start seeds.

Since rapid rooters are fortified with nutrients, they provide you with a better chance of germinating seeds quickly. They also provide good value for money.

You can use Rapid Rooter to help your seeds stay moist and sprout quickly all in one place.

The special matrix of peat moss and binders ensure your weed receives all the essential nutrients which facilitate a healthier yield.

Since rapid rooters don’t fall apart easily they can easily be shifted to your hydroponic system as well.

How to Use Your Rapid Rooter Starter Plugs

Check for Mold

First, you need to check for mold or mildew.

When you take it out of the packaging, check that your plug doesn’t have a white layer on the top.

This layer usually signifies mildew growth. Discard the plug if it shows any sign of unusual growth.

Soak the Plugs

The rooter plugs are packed wet.

However, if yours have dried out, then you need to soak them in distilled water for a few hours to make them moist and hydrated.

Remember that a dry plug is good for nothing.

Place in Tray

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Place the rapid rooter plugs in the rapid rooter tray or an ice cube tray with holes on the bottom.

You can use any tray as long as the sides of the rooter plug are not compressed and there is a hole at the bottom.

This would result in a lack of oxygen and excess moisture.

Now carefully push in your starter seeds in the middle using a stick. Planting more than one seed will increase your chance of germination.

Cover Rapid Rooter Plugs and Keep in Dark Place

Add water to the bottom tray and cover the top one with a dome or cling wrap.

Place the tray on a seedling heat mat (if you have one) and keep it in a dark place. Wait at least 3 days for your seed to grow.

What to Do Once Seedlings Form

Once your seeds have sprouted into seedlings, take them to a bright place. Keep adding distilled water to the bottom tray to allow roots to form and strengthen.

Pro Tip: When you push the seeds inside the rooter plugs, cover the hole with a little bit of soil from the side of the plugs.

This ensures that your seed does not receive any light. It results in the successful germination of your weed plants.

How to use Rapid Rooters For Cloning?

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The process of cloning weed is similar to the process of germination.

Use sharp scissors and make a 45 degree cut to obtain a 2-inch stem of the plant you wish to clone.

Set up your rapid rooter tray and push the stem in the plug hole, so it stands straight.

Provide it with enough water and keep it in a dark place to allow it to grow.

When to Transfer the Plant from Rapid Rooters to Growing Medium?

Your weed plants can be transferred into the soil or your indoor hydroponics garden when you see significant roots forming in the rooter plugs.

It may take up to 10 days for roots to start showing at the bottom of the rapid rooter plug.


Where Can I Buy Rapid Rooter Seedling Plugs?

You can buy rapid rooter plugs at any home gardening store or online at retailers like Amazon.com.

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How Wet Should Rapid Rooters Be?

Your rapid rooter plugs should stay almost 75 % soaked with water to work effectively.

As your plant grows into a seedling, you will need to add more water gradually until they are ready to be transferred to your garden.
During germination, the rooter plugs should be moist but not dripping wet.

Do Rapid Rooters Go Bad?

Rapid Rooters are a sponge-like polymer-based growing medium.

They can go and become less spongey if they become overly dry.
Rapid rooters are packed moist. Therefore if they stay too long packed up, they may go bad.

Always try to get a fresh supply. Keep your rapid rooters in a zip lock bag in the fridge to keep them hydrated.

Do I Need to Soak Rapid Rooters?

If your Rapid Rooters are moist you can use them right away.

However, if they have dried out then you need to soak them for a few hours.

Don’t pre-soak your seeds before planting them in the starter.

How Long Does It Take for Rapid Rooters Seeds to Germinate?

Rapid rooter plugs allow your seeds to quickly germinate into seedlings.

As long as you provide proper moisture, heat, and darkness, it can take about 2 to 5 days for your seeds to sprout seedlings.

If you use other methods, it may take anywhere from 5 to 15 days.

Starter Plugs To Increase Success in Seed Germination

Using starter plugs along with heating mats to boost seed germination and grow lights has been used by indoor growers for a very long time.

Growers use several different methods to increase productivity and achieve healthier yields.

This is especially suitable for large nurseries or cannabis growers who are looking to achieve economies of scale.

Rapid rooters take out the guessing and experimenting game.

They make it easier for home growers to quickly move on to the next stage.

Just make sure you have an idea of how to use them for effective results.

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