Monstera Peru (Karstenianum) Plant Care

What is a Monstera Peru Plant?

The Monstera Peru, also known as the Monstera Karstenianum, is a tropical plant with a viny growth habit like other plants of the Monstera genus.


However, this unique plant differs from other Monstera plants with its unfenestrated dark green leaves.

As the name suggests, this Monstera plant originates from Peru and prefers warm temperatures like most tropical plants, making it a great indoor plant for both the summer and winter months.

How to Care for a Monstera Peru

Monstera Peru care is not complex and is an excellent plant for beginners.

As long as you know what growing conditions a Monstera Peru prefers, your plant will be happy.

We will outline how to care for this gorgeous plant from the tropical regions!

Temperature and Climate

Monstera Peru is a tropical plant and prefers a warm environment with enough humidity.

The ideal temperature for this plant is around room temperature, or 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-27 degrees Celsius).

The Monstera Peru may die if exposed to rapid shifts in temperature or temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius).

If the plant is kept indoors, the growing season can extend throughout the year.

The Monstera Peru will tolerate the humidity levels of most room environments, though it thrives in rooms with extra humidity.

Bathrooms are great locations for this plant because their humidity levels resemble the jungle environments that the plant originates from.



The Monstera Peru does not require as much direct sunlight as other Monstera plants.  But the question is, how much light is enough?

This plant prefers indirect light and does best placed close to a north-facing window.

A south-facing window will probably be too much sunlight for this shade-loving plant.

If you are wondering how much bright light is enough sunlight, it is best to be conservative.

Although Monstera Peru appreciates indirect sunlight, it can only tolerate about 30 minutes of direct sunlight each day.

Monstera Peru is not necessarily a fast-growing plant but will grow faster when exposed to more sunlight (be sure it is indirect light).

Like other similar plants grown indoors, the Monstera Peru will grow at a very slow rate if in a shady environment with little sunlight.


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Due to their thick green leaves that retain moisture well, these plants do not require as much watering as other Monstera plants.

Depending on the temperature and amount of sunlight your plant receives, you may water once or twice each week.

Root rot can develop in Monstera Perus that are constantly wet, so it is best not to overwater.

You can keep the soil moist without overwatering by laying a damp cloth over the soil or by watering only when the top 1-2 inches become dry.

If you find that your plant’s foliage looks burnt, it may be that your tap water has too much chlorine.

Too much chlorinated water leads to salt buildup, which leads to your plant getting dehydrated. In these cases, try using distilled water for your plant.

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Choosing a well-draining soil mixture is best to avoid the root system from sitting in water.

A potting mix that contains peat moss or shredded bark will keep the soil loose and evenly moist.

Compacted soil can stunt the plant or cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Placing the potted plant on a pebble tray can help collect drained water and provide moisture without overwatering.

The water in the pebble tray will slowly evaporate and create extra humidity around the Monstera Peru!

As for the pot or hanging basket you plant in, make sure it has a drainage hole!

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Using cuttings from your original Monstera Peru to start new plants is pretty easy, so fear not, beginners!

It’s best if you only cut stems during springtime and from a plant that looks healthy. The perfect stem size for a cutting is around 8 inches.

Although your measurement does not need to be exact, a small cutting may not have enough stored energy to root itself.

Cut the stem just below the leaf node (this will help it root) and cut off any leaves on the lower half of the stem.

You can cut several leaf nodes to propagate more.

Leave the stem in a warm place for a couple of days to callous over the cut area. If the stem is replanted too soon, the exposed cut may become diseased.

After a few days, you can stick the cutting into a pot of well-draining soil mixture.

Be sure to put the calloused side down, as this part of the stem will root fastest. Keep the soil moist by watering regularly.

Shallow roots should start to develop in the following 3-4 weeks. With this method, you can propagate as many Monstera Perus as you want!

Alternatively, water propagation is a lot easier. You let the cuttings form roots in water. Then transfer them into the soil after you see the roots.

Pro tip: if you still have problems seeing new roots form, you can use some rooting hormone to jumpstart the process.

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Monstera Perus can be pruned in the spring or summer when the plant is growing.

You should plan your pruning based on season and plant size if you plan to propagate your cuttings.

For cuttings that will be rerooted, it is best to let stems grow to 8 inches and cut them in the spring.

FYI, we highly suggest these pruning garden shears. They are super sharp and not too expensive, plus they are easy on the hands.

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Spider mites, brown scale, and mealybugs are the three most common pests to infest Monstera Peru.

These pests will eat the sap that carries nutrients and water throughout the plant.

This, in turn, will negatively affect the photosynthesis process needed to convert energy within the plant.

Getting rid of these pests as soon as possible is the best solution.

First, try wiping the infested areas with a cotton swab soaked with diluted isopropyl alcohol.

If this does not work, insecticidal soap or Neem oil will be needed.

If you are looking for a Neem oil spray, we use this particular Neem oil spray. It’s nothing special, but we use it anytime we see a pest infestation—it simply works.

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Is Monstera Peru rare?

The Monstera Peru was hard to find years ago but is now more commonly available in garden stores and online shops. Given the availability these days, it is no longer considered a rare plant.

Is Monstera Peru an indoor plant?

Although Monstera Peru can grow outdoors in specific environments, it is safer to grow indoors (especially in northern climates). Indoor growing allows this plant to continue growing for years!

Is Monstera Peru from Peru?

Yes, this plant is originally from the jungle environments of Peru. Due to its origins, this plant loves warmer and more humid climates, making it perfect for indoor growing.

Other Monstera Plants to Consider

There are many varieties of Monstera houseplants. If you are looking for another type of Monstera plant, check out our other related posts:


The Monstera Peru, or Monstera kKrstenianum, is a beautiful plant from the tropical regions of Peru.

Its dark and vibrant green leaves will bring life to any room in your house! As an indoor plant that prefers shadier spots, you have a lot of flexibility on placement.

Monstera Peru care is relatively easy, making it a perfect indoor plant for beginners.

It only requires a little sunlight and water, so it is also great for those forgetful gardeners out there. Enjoy watching this plant grow!


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