King LED Grow Light Review

Our Review On King LED Grow Light

King Plus New Model 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV&IR for...
  • 【Veg/Bloom switch】: Through a wide plant growth testing, the Veg/Bloom...
  • 【Full spectrum】: KingLED LED grow light provides full spectrum lighting...
  • 【Energy-saving technology】: Different from the traditional HPS ,Our LED...

Good LED grow lights can be really expensive, but if we carefully research the LED lights market, we will know that there are reasonable options for us, and they just work as effectively as any expensive light will. It’s always better to buy with prior knowledge about LED grow lights which is why this review is curated. 

Below is our summary of the pros and cons of our King LED grow light review.

The King LED grow light will provide your plants proper light at various growth stages to boost your harvest. Remember, these lights will always play an essential role in the fruiting or flowering stages of plants. 

The gardener in you can rest for a while and watch at peace what wonders these lights can do to your plants. This light provides full spectrum lighting between 380 nm and 780 nm. Its energy-saving technology is an extra perk.


The two large 5-watt Epistar chips are used in a single diode so the light can penetrate deeply into a canopy
It has a thickened LED board that has holes to help with heat dissipation
The color spectrum is excellent for plants at every stage
It comes with a 3-year warranty so you can replace the light if anything goes wrong
It is available with accessories such as a power cord and hangers
It comes at a reasonable price and works effectively


It is a 400-watt HID light which is not as good as 1000-watt lights
Extremely bright, it is recommended not to look directly
It is not water-proof, better to use only indoors

Main Features 

The following features explain why to pick this particular LED grow light, so it isn’t difficult for you to decide anymore. 

  • This bright light can replace a 600-watt HPS/MH 
  • Its full spectrum will provide the plants with all the light they need in natural sunlight 
  • It’s better to look away from the direct light 
  • It has two switches, a VEG switch and a Bloom switch. 
  • VEG switch contains blue and white LEDs, which is essential for plants during germination
  • Bloom Switch includes red and white lights that will increase the production of a particular hormone in plants during vegetation
  • It has an efficient cooling system that has multiple heat sinks 
  • It comes at a reasonable cost and is simple to plug and play; it is capable of working for 4-5 years with no bulb changes 
  • It has a full spectrum design that produces visible light between 380-780 nm while replacing the natural light  

Efficiency and Energy 

If you buy these King LED grow lights, you will realize for yourself how energy-saving these lights are. They are designed with energy-saving technology, which is slightly different from other traditional lights. 

Its unique design will enable you to cater to your plants well. This LED plant grow lamp has a high-tech LED chip; this 1000w LED lamp can easily replace the traditional 600w HPS to provide a good amount of light and save electricity. 

Not just that, it will also save you a lot of money you would have spent otherwise. These lights are a must-buy considering they are energy efficient too. Don’t give another thought before purchasing what you would be proud of in the long run.


If you decide to buy these LED lights for your lawn care, you will undoubtedly make a wise decision. It doesn’t come at a considerable cost and operates as effectively as any other highly-priced LED grow lights. 

These are used only indoors as they are not waterproof. You don’t need an extra ballast while using it, and you can simply plug and play. These lights are controlled by an automated timer. 

Together all these features make these lights a must-buy. It’s a low-cost option with high functionality. It will add significant value to the overall lighting for your plants.

This particular LED grow light is definitely worth a good rating. For a 400-watt light, it performs brilliantly and is an overall best-LED grow light. 

Value for Money 

These lights are definitely valued for money as it comes with more than just a few benefits. Who wouldn’t like that? It would not just provide enough light to your plants, and it would also nurture them through various stages in their growth and development? 

If you go by the accurate using tips, your plants will bloom like never before, and you will be proud to have used them. You will have to adjust the lighting time setup, which will be different during different stages starting from vegetation to flowering and fruiting.

The fact that it comes with a 3-year professional service makes it even more desired with the users. Make a quick purchase, and rest assured you will never regret it. 


1. What are all the essential accessories that come with King LED grow lights? 

With all the features and functions, it has, this set of LED grow lights is a must-have. This LED grow light comes with one piece 6 ft power cord and one-piece hanging hook, which ensures easy installation.

2. Does it look after plants through all stages? 

These lights certainly look after plants through various stages, starting from the growing stage to fruiting and flowering. 


King Plus New Model 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV&IR for...
  • 【Veg/Bloom switch】: Through a wide plant growth testing, the Veg/Bloom...
  • 【Full spectrum】: KingLED LED grow light provides full spectrum lighting...
  • 【Energy-saving technology】: Different from the traditional HPS ,Our LED...

As per the compiled King LED grow light review, be sure that you will be buying the best lights if you buy these grow lights. These lights come packed with multiple features and functions. If you are looking for something to add to plant care in your lawn, you have come to the right place. King LED grow lights are the lights you should buy to ensure your plants are in safe hands. Buy and experience for yourself. 

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