12 Best Indoor Herb Garden Planters To Grow A Kitchen Herb Garden

Indoor herb garden kits make the easy growing of herbs inside the house literally easier. It makes me ask myself, “Why did you start just now?”

Herbs are delicious, functional, and smells amazing. Growing them indoors can practically save you from grabbing some store herbs which you never know what has been through.

And did you know that planters can extend their life longer than a few days?

They are in modern designs and when planted a kitchen herb garden.

Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub - Self Watering Planter + Fiber Soil, Keeps...
#2nd Best Choice
Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen...
#3rd Best Choice
Indoor Vegetable Garden Starter Kit - Certified USDA Organic Non GMO - 5 Seed Types Cherry...
Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub - Self Watering Planter + Fiber Soil, Keeps...
Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen...
Indoor Vegetable Garden Starter Kit - Certified USDA Organic Non GMO - 5 Seed Types Cherry...
Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub - Self Watering Planter + Fiber Soil, Keeps...
Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub - Self Watering Planter + Fiber Soil, Keeps...
#2nd Best Choice
Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen...
Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen...
#3rd Best Choice
Indoor Vegetable Garden Starter Kit - Certified USDA Organic Non GMO - 5 Seed Types Cherry...
Indoor Vegetable Garden Starter Kit - Certified USDA Organic Non GMO - 5 Seed Types Cherry...

It can be your living decoration sitting on a cupboard or windowsill. Growing herbs indoors is easy, low maintenance, and having one, two, or more cannot break you a sweat.

After all, indoor herb garden planters are everywhere now, just pick the one you find appropriate for your needs and style.

Simply buy the herb of your choice like hanging, tabletop, wall mounted or herb garden system with artificial light, voila! You are good to go!

If in case you want yourself an indoor herb garden, let us do a review of the 12 commercially available and see how others find it too.

Our Most Recommended indoor Herb Garden Kits

1. Self Watering Passive Hydroponic Planter: Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub

Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub - Self Watering Planter + Fiber Soil, Keeps...
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  • PLANTS LIVE LONGER – The unique passive hydroponic action creates the...
  • FOOLPROOF – It’s self-watering! The handy water level indicator let’s...

We’ve all been there- bought some herb from the grocery, it lasted for a few days, it withered and died then whenever we need them, back to square one.

A very common scenario until Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub came in the picture.

Now growing herb or plant has never been easier. It has a water level indicator to let you know when and how much water your indoor herbs need. Skip the watering routine from days to week.

It also applies a passive hydroponic action that can balance the water and oxygen levels in the roots. Furthermore, the planter includes 6 quarts of minimally fertilized fiber soil. A great start-up and you can add more nutrients overtime to keep the greens vibrant.

The simple design allows it harmonize in your house interior and the size of 4″ x 14″ allows it to fit anywhere you will put it.

I bought this not knowing that it is a definite steal! I have a short trip outside the city and the house will be empty for a few days.

I didn’t expect the herbs I planted to be still alive when I return but they are really still green. I realized that the self-watering of this planter is true, though it was just for marketing purposes. By the way, I added some nutrients when I came back.

2. Herb Gardening Kit With Light: Click And Grow Smart Garden

Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen...
  • Grow Fresh Herbs and Vegetables Indoors: energy-efficient LED grow lights...
  • Get Started Right Away: Just drop in the included plant pods, fill the...
  • Explore New Plants: Choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods for your herb...

It doesn’t matter what the weather is, Click and Grow Smart Garden can create your own plant nursery in no time.

No sun? Not a problem because this Smart Garden has its personal energy-efficient LED grow lights to provide the ideal growing environment. It is a self-watering planter, you just fill the water reservoir when the indicator tells you to.

You can try new herbs because its pre-seeded pods offer a wide range of plants to choose from. The smart soil technology can guarantee that whichever variety you will choose, it will thrive and flourish.

Put the pods in each of the three compartments, fill the water basin, turn on the lights and you are good to go.

My husband loves my dishes more whenever I use herbs. I use dried herbs sold in the market but then thought that fresh ones are better.

Tried this planter and growing my own herbs are very easy! Whenever I feel like a chef, I can add some. I don’t even worry even I place it on dim corners of the house because it has daylight and self-watering.

3. DIY Kitchen Herb Garden: Spade To Fork Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Indoor Vegetable Garden Starter Kit - Certified USDA Organic Non GMO - 5 Seed Types Cherry...
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Not one, not two or three but FIVE Certified USDA Organic Non-GMO seeds (Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Sage, and Thyme) with 5 Certified USDA Organic pots, 5 Certified USDA Organic potting soil discs, and 5 plant markers are included in Spade To Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit.

Rest assured of its 100% growth guarantee and all materials included in the kit to organic.

You are well comforted that none within the set is treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides. If given a gift, you will not be ashamed either.

I absolutely love it! When I read that this kit contains all organic materials, I told myself ‘I need this!’ And yeah, I have no regrets purchasing it. I did this with my 10-year old and she enjoyed too!

I love that I can plant five or do it one at a time since the soil is packed for at least two pots only. I also love markers.

4. Indoor Jar Herb Garden Kit: Mason Jar Herb Garden Set

Environet Herb Gift Set, Mason Jar Herb Garden Starter Kit Indoor, Includes 3 Mason Jar, 9...
  • Kit includes everything you need to get growing: 3 mason jars, 9 coco coir...
  • Fresh Herbs Every Day: Planting your favoriate herbs at home. Nothing is...
  • Beautiful and Safe Home Decor: This artistic herb mason jar can lighten up...

Don’t search further for a perfect gift for anyone dear to you, This kit using mason jars is a unique idea crafted in a beautifully thought of kind of planter.

Each mason jar comes with two pods and seeds. Sage, basil, and rosemary are the herbs you can plant in the three colored jars.

These three are the perfect herbs you can use to boost up your dishes. Get it fresh fro your own grown.

I gave it to my mother during mother’s day. I bet she liked it because I saw her using it the very next day. The packaging is really cute.

5. Complete Kitchen Herb Pots: Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit by Home Grown

5 Herb Garden Starter Kit Indoor: Complete Growing Kit w/ Deluxe Ceramic Pots & Soil - DIY...

This classic planter will definitely complement any house decor. The handcrafted ceramic planters of Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit by Home Grown is an attractive set of three herbs you can place in windowsill or cupboard.

The kit includes three cups of fiber soil, friendly in helping herbs to flourish more. The fiber soil is made of long strands of microscopic straw-like fibers and is very porous so roots are ensured to not suffocate but sprawl.

The seeds included are 100% Non-GMO and have a germination bag while in the process keeping the seed warm and at the same time moist.

At first, I was skeptical when I bought this. I thought this is just an ordinary kit but with soil. Guess, I was wrong. The soil isn’t ordinary at all. A little water and I witnessed my plant grow day by day. The pots look wonderful in my kitchen.

6. Complete Herb Garden Indoor Kit: Planters’ Choice

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit - Cooking Gifts for Women Gardener - Creative Kitchen Gift...
  • Everything you need to easily grow 4 culinary herbs at home, in one sleek...

Forget your old pots and opt for a premium planter like the Planters’ Choice herb kit.

It is a Complete Herb Garden Indoor Kit that includes blackboard on every box, seeds- choose among  Basil, Cilantro, Chives and Parsley.

They are all certified, non-GMO, no Hybrids and germination tested all in a water-resistant drip tray.

It also has nutrient-rich soil made from premium coco coir with guaranteed low salts. As a good result, the soil promotes strong roots and fast germination.

It really is complete. It looks good beside the kitchen window. The soil works amazing too. The cedar scent and my herbs scent smell like my kitchen is a garden.

It is now very encouraging to use herbs in my dishes. Oh! By the way, the blackboard is really cute. I tend to forget which herb is which so this helpful to me.

7. Indoor Jar Herb Garden Kit: Back To The Roots Organic Kitchen Herb Garden

Organic Indoor Herb Garden Kit By Back to the Roots – Non-GMO Basil and Mint Plants...
  • 100% ORGANIC AND NON-GMO: There's no need to worry about intoxicants that...
  • GROW YOUR PLANT ALL YEAR-ROUND: This organic herb garden indoor kit allows...
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START: We spent years testing different soils to...

Let’s get back to basics, Organic Indoor Herb Garden Kit by Back to the Roots comes with two 16oz clear jar for the very minimalist style.

Each jar is specified for organic basil and mint which are both safe as they aren’t exposed to chemicals during germination and plant growth

The interesting part of this kit is its use of biochar, a specially formulated soil-like substance, to diminish the need for a dipping tray because biochar avoids the issue of messy drainage holes while growing herbs indoors.

The indoor garden kit is trusted by a 100% growth guarantee with a recipe book for basil and mint’s addition in cooking.

What I appreciate most in this kit is how I never needed extra dipping tray. I followed the clear instructions and now my herbs are growing nicely as if I did anything special but purchase the kit. The container is clear too, so I can easily see if there is anything foreign.

8. Complete Indoor Herb Planter: Sower’s Source

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit - Kitchen Herb Garden - Seed Packets, Pots, Markers, Soil...
  • 🌿 INDOOR / OUTDOOR HERB GARDEN STARTER KIT - Great gift for kids and new...
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  • 🌿 HERB GARDEN PLANTER KIT - This herb growing kit comes with everything...

A complete indoor herb planter by Sower’s Source – this kit is all comprehensive.

Our indoor herb garden kit comes with natural seed packets to grow fresh, non-GMO herbs like basil, cilantro, sage, thyme, and parsley.

Each pot has a hole in the bottom to keep excess water from sitting in the soil that can agitate most herb roots.

This herb starter garden grows real, genuine herbs you can use in cooking dinner, making fresh sauces, spicing up Italian food, and more.

Saw my aunt’s kitchen has a mini garden of herbs in her kitchen. And since the house is accented with several plants, she replaced her old planter with these herb planters.

9. Tabletop Herb Planter: COLE & MASON Self-Watering Herb Garden System

Cole & Mason Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper
  • Self-watering potted herb keeper requires up to 40% less watering
  • Hydro-pad allows herbs to draw water as needed, includes 1 year supply
  • Carbon steel container is covered for less evaporation

Give your full attention to a single herb growing and make it last longer with COLE & MASON Self-Watering Indoor Herb Garden Planter.

The longer your potted herb lives, the longer it can give you fresh leaves and positive aura.

The indoor tabletop herb planter is self-watering that it can reduce the watering requirement by 40% through its easy water fill container attached in hydro felt pads. The pad collects enough water depending on your herb needs.

The container is covered with carbon steel to allow less evaporation while the herb feeds in water. The chosen herb is placed inside this container, no repotting needed.

I was down with fever for a few days that I missed watering my plant and so they died. But after purchasing this, I won’t experience the same heartbreak I had.

One time my kid has to see her doctor; it was very hectic that I forgot to water my plants for two days. When I remembered, to my surprise, the soil is still moist! It really self-waters and the water container is easy to fill.

10. Saratoga Home Herb Pots with Tray Set with Indoor Windowsill Galvanized Planters with Drainage Holes

If you are like me who enjoys upgrading dishes with fresh herbs, then galvanized planters will capture your interest.

It is a metal tray of three removable pots each lined with foils. Use this pot to start the indoor garden in style.

Just like advertised! The tray is not big or small to fit on the window sill. We had a family gathering and I used some rosemary.

I fried it in butter and it was so fragrant that my sister peeked in the kitchen. My sister saw the wooden tray and now she wants some as well.

11. Wall Herb Garden: Vertibloom Modular Indoor Vertical Planter System

Turn your blank wall into a new whip of edible green herb area. Installation is nothing special but the basic tools.

Mounting boards are included in the wall starting kit. Within a few steps, you can customize how your wall garden will look.

It made my backyard more interesting. The plain wall became part of my garden. The cute containers with the herbs I like are like the artwork to me.

It is very easy to install too. Since it is hung, I have no worry my toddler will play with my herbs.

12. Wall-Mounted Planter Box: Bright Green Chalkboard Frame Kit

Fresh, living herbs as wall decor? Why not?

Bright Green Chalkboard Wall Mounted Frame Kit can transform your plain wall into a herb garden by few steps.

It comes with a water irrigator where water can evenly spread in its signature mat and finally drain in the collector tray. Stagnant water is not a concern because you can remove the drain plug to sap excess liquid.

It is a prettily designed 10-cell planter with a chalkboard wall frame and set up is easy as it has mounting brackets even starters can do.

The kit has 10 spots for herbs…what can I ask for?

I planted 5 different herbs and used 2 cells each. Now, I enjoy cooking more than ever. The herbs I use the most are just a few spans away. And the quality of the kit is okay too, obviously well thought of by the manufacturers.

Choosing The Right Pot For Your Indoor Herb Garden

Have I convinced you enough?

If so, let me list a few considerations in selecting the best planter for your indoor herbs garden.

  • Drainage: Before choosing the preferred herb, kindly study its general care guides especially the water and soil type requirement. Most herbs like well-draining soil and hates being water-soaked. A good planter/pot must have good drainage where excess water can freely find its way out.
  • Materials: Ceramic and clay pots are the common holders of indoor plants. However, if you are in a drier location, choose ceramic pots because it can hold water longer. Else, choose clay pots.
  • Size considerations: The idea is basic, too big or too small pot will not help your herbs grow. It can hinder its development. Understand the root structure of your chosen herb if it’ll run or grow deep down.
  • Design: This one is on you. Considered everything above? Then go on and let your creativity free. Choose the pot that will best blend your house design or your personal taste.

Final Words

Honestly, I do regret growing some indoor herbs just recently. If I had started earlier, I would’ve found out sooner that it is easy and much easier using indoor herb garden planters.

Planters help the smooth growing of herbs inside the house a lot less demanding. Plus the unique design and portable size of available planters effortlessly blend in your house. T

he only thing we have to think about is the variety of herbs to choose from.

Herbs are refreshing to have and having some beside you when you need it most is very practical.

For more tips on growing herbs like basil, check out our other tips on growing herbs.

Go and grow herbs indoors and see for yourself all the wonderful things it can give. Planters and kits are very much available to assist you.

Indoor Herb Gardens That Will Add Life to Your Kitchen

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