Types of Geraniums for Your Garden

Table of Contents1 Key Takeaways2 6 Categories of Geranium plants2.1 Zonal Geraniums2.2 Ivy Geraniums2.3 Scented Geraniums2.4 Regal Geraniums2.5 Interspecific Geraniums2.6 Hardy Geranium (True Geranium)3 … Read more

Hoya Carnosa Wax Plant Care featured image

Hoya Carnosa: Wax Plant Care

Table of Contents1 Key Takeaways2 What is a Hoya Carnosa Plant?2.1 Most Popular Hoya Carnosa Plant Variants2.2 Origins of the Hoya Carnosa Plant2.3 Where … Read more


Opuntia Cactus Varieties

There are several species of cactus, and the Opuntia genus is one of the most well-known cactus plants. Opuntia varieties come in various sizes … Read more