Best Mushroom Growing Kits to Grow on Your own At Home

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml
Dip 'n Grow Rooting Concentrate Size: 2 Ounces
Garden Safe TakeRoot Rooting Hormone 2 oz, Helps New Plants grow from Cuttings
HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml
Dip 'n Grow Rooting Concentrate Size: 2 Ounces
Garden Safe TakeRoot Rooting Hormone 2 oz, Helps New Plants grow from Cuttings
HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml
HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml
Dip 'n Grow Rooting Concentrate Size: 2 Ounces
Dip 'n Grow Rooting Concentrate Size: 2 Ounces
Garden Safe TakeRoot Rooting Hormone 2 oz, Helps New Plants grow from Cuttings
Garden Safe TakeRoot Rooting Hormone 2 oz, Helps New Plants grow from Cuttings

The right mushroom growing kit for you is the one that grows your favorite type of mushroom at home.

If you love mushrooms as much as I do, you probably feel like there are hundreds of options to choose from.

But don’t worry, I have you covered!

These homegrown harvests are easy to grow when you find a kit that works with you and your environment.

Mushroom grow kits are versatile, usually clearly explained, and, if done right, you’ll get the best results possible – the most delicious mushrooms you could ever taste.

keep on reading and I’ll list down 5 of the best mushroom grow kits to fruit Different Types of edible Mushrooms at home.

Best Mushroom Growing Kits – By Type of Mushrooms

10+ Best Indoor Mushroom Kits to Start Growing At Home

All of the kits below are capable of providing you with great results. These are by far the best mushroom growing kits that we think you’ll love!

All of these mushrooms are great options for you in your search for the best mushroom kit.

They all have multiple options for mushroom grow kits and can be grown by beginner, or expert, mushroom growers.

Plus, there’s a lot of things that most mushroom kits usually have in common.

Different Color Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms grow all over the world, and the different strains range in appearance from pale white to black, or even shades of yellow or pink.

Each unique type of oyster mushroom offers its own distinctive appearance and flavor.

White Oyster Mushrooms

Editor’s #1 Choice

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit, Harvest Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms In 10...
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White oysters, for example, are white and have a mild flavor.

I’ve had good results using white oyster mushroom growing kits due to the fact that the yields of these crops.

When done right, are SO high it almost seems like I’m drowning in mushrooms at times.

As mentioned earlier, the Organic Mushroom Grow Kit by Back to the Roots is a great way to grow delicious oyster mushrooms in just ten days!

This product is, by far, my favorite mushroom grow kit to recommend to beginner growers with kids.

Why? Because it’s the easiest to use. The oyster mushrooms grow right out of the package they come in.

How To Use This?

You simply have to open up the box, soak it in water for about eight hours, put it in your selected location, and manage to wait the ten days before you can eat those mushrooms.

I mist the package a few times a day, as directed by the instructions so that the packaging stays moist and the mushrooms continue to grow.

Luckily, the mister comes with the package!

There are a couple more benefits to working with this company and, in particular, buying this product from them:

  • The first and second crops are guaranteed, and some growers have gotten five harvests from this kit!
  • Everything is organic, made of recycled materials, and can be composted.
  • The kit includes a package of organic cherry tomato seeds that you can plant directly with your kit once you’ve harvested all of your mushrooms. These cherry tomatoes are a delight! I honestly can’t get enough of them.

However, if even this product seems a little daunting to a true beginner grower, the company also offers a smaller version of this kit called The Back to the Roots Mushroom Mini Farm.

The yield is slightly smaller with the mini farm, but the mushrooms are just as delicious and are slightly easier to care for due to that smaller size.


Easy setup to start growing
The first and second crops are guaranteed
Everything is organic, made of recycled materials


Some have complaints of mushrooms not growing at all

Grey Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit by Intergalactic Mushroom. Grow Edible and Gourmet Mushrooms...
  • Grow your own mushrooms indoors in about 10 Days! Everything is included,...
  • Made in Dallas, TX USA with the best soil mushrooms could ask for.
  • Gourmet and delicious mushrooms with a great recipe on packaging. Great...

I love these mushrooms due to the fact that their flavor tends to be the in-between between the strong flavor of black oyster mushrooms and the mild flavor of white oyster mushrooms.

The reason why I love this kit is also just as simple.

It can produce up to 2lbs of these oyster mushrooms over 2-3 months, and each mushroom is delicious.

The fact that the kit comes fully colonized and the mushrooms are ready to start growing is another great plus.

However, it can be hard to keep the right levels of humidity in the air for any oyster mushroom.

People in dry climates should not buy this product and should consider buying an enoki growing kit or the shiitake growing kits I’ll discuss later on.


Has planting medium and everything you need all ready to go
Good results from majority of growers
Fast growing – can be able to harvest within a week


Can only harvest maybe two to three times on average

Black Oyster Mushroom

100 Grams/4 oz of Black Oyster Mushroom Spawn Mycelium to Grow Gourmet and Medicinal...
  • --Grow your own delicious and nutritious gourmet and medicinal mushrooms at...
  • --Save on costs compared to grocery store or farmer's market;
  • --Engage your children and other family members in a project that will...

Black oysters are stronger in flavor than their white comparison and darker in color.As a result of their delicious flavor, these are the most popular type of mushroom to grow from a kit.

Their bold flavor and color is great for a variety of recipes.

Black oyster mushrooms are prized for their bold flavor that can be increased by contact with sunlight.

As someone who adores all type of mushrooms, I love oyster mushrooms for their strong flavor, or for the fact that I can grow upon that flavor quickly and easily.

The benefits of this kit (beyond its yummy results) is that the directions are so easy to follow.

I had been wary about whether or not I’d be able to follow the directions and get great results.

There’s nothing better than being proved wrong and getting results like this!

It’s possible to grow multiple harvests of this crop and keep eating black oyster mushrooms for a long time.

And, while I haven’t had a chance to look into or try their similar blue oyster mushroom kit, I’ve heard great things about that grow kit as well!

Supposedly, you can get EVEN MORE mushrooms from that kit than the block oyster mushroom kit!

I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl, particularly because this company offers replacement kits for up to a year if you encounter poor results.


Great for beginners
High success rate from many growers
Good step-by-step instructions


Not technically a kit, but still easy to start growing

Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit by Forest Origins, Beginner Mushroom Growing Kit, Top...
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES - Learn how to grow your very own gourmet mushrooms in...
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES - Learn how to grow your very own gourmet mushrooms in...
  • PERFECT GIFT OR SCHOOL PROJECT - Unopened, our mushroom kit lasts for...

Pink oysters, otherwise known as Pleurotus djamor, look exotic when you place them next to a white or black oyster.

Their flavor depends on growing conditions, but they range from thick and meaty to delicate and thin.

Pink oyster mushrooms grow vigorously, and I know that they’re a great option for first-time mushroom growers!

Forest Origins is one of those few companies I’ve worked with that I feel comfortable buying from no matter what.

Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is unlike any other and, for that reason, this is my favorite product to use when I want to grow pink oyster mushrooms.

They will provide a full refund to anyone who has an unsuccessful crop collection.

And that means a lot. Mushroom crops rely on a wide variety of facets in order to succeed.

They need the correct moisture content in the air, the correct level of nutrients, the correct air flow in the room, the correct temperature, and the correct exposure level to sunlight.

Pink oysters, in particular, are sensitive due to the fact that they grow so incredibly quickly, and, beyond that customer satisfaction guarantee, these oyster mushrooms came in just as quickly as expected, and tasted just as delicious as I could ask for.

Because of those features to this product, it is yet another mushroom growing kit that I think is perfect for beginner, and expert, mushroom growers. You can’t go wrong when they guarantee your harvest.


Very satisfied customer base
Easy to start growing – for all ages
Fast growing and large harvests


Takes longer than other mushrooms, so be patient and the mushrooms will come

Yellow or Golden Oyster Mushrooms

Yellow (or Golden) oysters are the brightest of the oyster mushroom bunch. Their color is a highly pigmented yellow and they truly brighten up a room.

These mushrooms have a unique fruity aroma and a deep, sometimes bitter, flavor profile.

These four types of oyster mushrooms are the most common types of oyster mushrooms grown with kits, but there are many other types of oyster mushrooms, even ones that are blue when fully grown!

And, I’ve got to say, I think their yellow oyster kit is my favorite out of the bunch.

This is partially due to the fact that I love children and I love getting children involved with my at-home gardening products.

Children typically don’t like mushrooms. It’s sad to say, but it’s true.

But they do love color! And there is nothing like the bright yellow of the oyster mushroom.

Plus, due to their fruity aroma and slightly bitter taste, the mushrooms you grow using this Mushroom Mojo growing kit pair perfectly with a tall glass of dry red wine.

This might make all the difference when choosing the right mushroom kit for your house!

Root Mushroom Farm—Golden Oyster Mushroom - All in one Gourmet Mushroom Growing kit
  • ✔ MAKES A GREAT GIFT. Our mushroom kit is recommended as a gift for kids,...
  • ✔ PERFECT INTRODUCTION TO THE MUSHROOMS – It offers a wonderful...

Button Mushrooms

Button mushrooms are the kind of mushroom you most commonly see in grocery stores.

They’re inexpensive, easy to find, taste great, and are extremely easy to cook or can even be served raw.

This mushroom is a great choice for beginner mushroom growers. As something you can easily find in a grocery store, you know what the finished product should look and taste like.

White Button Mushroom Growing Kit ~ Makes it Easy to Grow Your Fresh Shrooms!
  • Kits ship each Monday Morning. Indoor Growing Fun! Takes up 12 inch x 12...
  • Kit Includes: detailed instructions, spawned/colonized growing medium and...
  • Orders are shipped every Monday Morning - Kits are custom made to order and...

The White Button Mushroom Kit sold by Willow Mountain Mushrooms is a great way to grow the food you know and love right inside your own home.

It is another great beginner kit due to the fact that the product is familiar and you know what the results should look and taste like!

I think that these mushrooms are incredibly easy to grow. With a little bit of work, as directed by the provided instructions, it’s simple to get a harvest every two weeks for about three months.

The kit itself costs around less than $40 on amazon and, while you do get a large harvest ratio, it’s not cost effective beyond the original experience.

I’d rather focus on growing mushrooms that I can’t find in grocery stores than focus on one I can, but, for button mushroom lovers and beginner growers, this is a great one-time experience to have.

Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms otherwise referred to by their scientific name Flammulina velutipes, can be recognized by their tiny caps and their long skinny stems.

They’re pure white in color and are often grown in a pattern similar to a bouquet of flowers.

These mushrooms have a mild, refreshing flavor and they are a lovely mix of tender, firm, and crunchy – making them a great addition to many dishes.

I personally love adding these mushrooms to a big bowl of homemade pho. 

Recomended Grow Kit: The Mojo Pro-Gro Enoki Mushroom Kit

100 Grams of Enoki Mushroom Spawn Mycelium to Grow Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms at Home...
  • --Grow your own delicious and nutritious gourmet and medicinal mushrooms at...
  • --Save on costs compared to grocery store or farmer's market;
  • --Engage your children and other family members in a project that will...

As discussed, enoki mushrooms are the delicious strain of usually pure white mushroom that goes perfectly on soups and salads.

This grow kit gives you amazing results when it comes to growing delicious enoki mushrooms!

It is easy-to-use and comes equipped with a sterilized sawdust block that has been inoculated with a commercial strain of enoki designed specifically for high yields.

This mushroom kit also comes with a mister for watering, a humidity tent, and instructions that thoroughly explain each step in the process.

And, unlike many other enoki mushrooms and enoki mushroom grow kits, these mushrooms are unique.

They range in color from a beautiful light gold company to the pure white tone we all know and love.

My friends and family always fall in love with the unique appearance and delicious taste of this product!

All in all, I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to grow enoki mushrooms at home.

The mushrooms are delicious, the system is easy to use, and, even better, you can grow up to 2 lbs of fresh enoki mushrooms over the 2-3 month growing season.

However, this product does sell out quick!​

Shiitake Mushrooms

As the second most commonly consumed mushroom species, Shiitake mushrooms can be spotted by their wide, umbrella-shaped cap and their unique brown tones.

The color of the outside of this mushroom can range from a golden-toned amber to a dark brown shade similar to a paper bag. The inside is cream colored.

Shiitake mushrooms are defined by their rich flavor and are usually available year-round, although they can be hard to find in many grocery stores.

When cooked, they release a garlicky, woodsy aroma and, when eaten, they taste earthy, rich, and delicious.

Root Mushroom Farm-Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit-Start it Right Away Once Received
  • ✔ START RIGHT AWAY! These kits can be held for up to one week in...
  • ✔ PERFECT INTRODUCTION TO THE MUSHROOMS – It offers a wonderful...

The Fungi Perfecti Shiitake Log is my favorite mushroom growing kit that grows my favorite type of mushroom.

The kit arrives already inoculated on a unique hardwood log.

And what’s unique about it?

It’s the fact that it’s not actually a log. It’s a compressed mixture of sawdust, wood chips, and fertilizer designed to promote healthy fungi growth.

This mixture maximizes on the quality and quantity of your shiitake mushrooms in a way that no other growing kit manages.

However, you have to follow the directions provided with this growing kit carefully. It requires a rest period of forty days from the day you prepare the log for production as well as either an initial soaking period or regular misting inside of a humidity tent.

If you can follow the directions thoroughly, you’ll get great results and great tasting shiitake mushrooms.

Lions Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are the fun one of the bunch. They look like icicles from afar! They grow in bright wide, cascading bunches and, individually, they are long thin strains with tiny caps on the top.

These mushrooms boasts a flavor that is just as unique as their appearance, one that is reminiscent of lobster, crab, or organic seaweed.

Due to their health benefits as well as their gorgeous flavor, I think they taste best sauteed on their own with a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme.

For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to try a lion’s mane mushroom, I definitely recommend buying a lion’s mane mushroom kit.

They’re just scrumptious and can be SO hard to find anywhere but in a growing kit.

Root Mushroom Farm—Lion's Mane-All in one Gourmet Mushroom Growing kit
  • ✔ MAKES A GREAT GIFT. Our mushroom kit is recommended as a gift for kids,...
  • ✔ PERFECT INTRODUCTION TO THE MUSHROOMS – It offers a wonderful...

Another popular product is the Mushroom Mojo Pro-Gro Lion’s Mane Kit results in beautiful lions mane mushrooms characterized by sweet flavor undertones.

Even people who “hate” mushrooms will become believers when they try this mushroom!

Beyond the delicious taste of the crop is the well-roundedness of the kit. The instructions are deeply explained, and the kit comes with a sterilized sawdust block (like the enoki mushroom Mojo kit does) that is the perfect growing medium.

Growing instruction

The humidity tent and watering mister also come in handy throughout the growing process. The instructions tell growers to grow in areas kept between 65°-75°F to maximize on the moisture content that those two supplies can provide.

I keep my thermostat in the house set to about 70°F which is perfect for this mushrooms.

In general, I love this product, and I love the mushrooms it produces.

They’re delicious and a great way to introduce people to new mushroom flavors, making this kit a great one for young culinarians just starting to explore the different flavors mushrooms can offer.

Mushroom Man LLC, Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit
  • Growing Temperature: 55-75° F
  • Includes: Kit, humidity tent and instructions.

Gallboy is a well-known fungal spore retailer that has offered customers great products, and great results, for many years. Their Lion’s Mane Mushroom Kit is just another example of that and can easily be purchased on Amazon.

This kit includes their wood chip growing medium, a bag of inoculated mycelium, thorough instructions, and a humidity tent.

While I personally prefer the slightly-sweeter taste of the Mojo lion’s mane mushrooms, this system is easier to use and easier to keep using.

It takes about 30-45 days to get to harvest, but the steps along the way are a breeze.

And, by keeping the medium moist according to the instructions on the package, the lion’s mane mushrooms are in the perfect position to constantly reseed to provide users with more (and more and more) harvests of wonderful lion’s mane mushrooms.

The key to keeping the mushrooms growing indefinitely is swapping the growing medium for something else after three harvests.

A freshly fallen log or new wood-chips is a great medium to use!

This is one of the few kits that make it incredibly easy to never need to buy another kit again.You can keep growing forever!

Morel Mushrooms

Morels are a delicious addition to almost any recipe.From a young age, they’re tender and can be cooked whole, giving your dishes a nutty, earthy taste.

As they get larger and older, the caps provide a wonderful meaty texture that is a great alternative to meat in vegetarian dishes.

Beyond just cooking them, dehydrating processes are a great way to prepare large amounts of morels.

These delicious mushrooms can be recognized by their unique pine-cone shaped appearance.

Growing them at home gives you a chance to show your friends and family just how unique (and tasty) these mushrooms can be!

Backyard Morel Mushroom Growing Kit - Morel Habitat Kit ®
  • Grow Morel Mushrooms in your yard. Start any time your soil is workable -...
  • Create an earth friendly, sustainable, organic, outdoor Morel Mushroom...
  • We provide Complete instructions and Guaranteed* to produce spawn (seed),...

The Gourmet Mushroom Morel Habitat Kit, was created with the explicit purpose of giving people like you and me the chance to enjoy bountiful harvests of morels in our own homes.

This Morel Habitat Kit includes a heart bag of inoculated mushroom spawn and detailed instructions that make it easy on the customer.

Unlike other types of mushroom kits, however, this kit is for outdoor use in soil, and it takes about a year for the morels to establish themselves and colonize the soil.

Remember: patience is key! This product is worth the wait time!

After that year, the morels will have established themselves as a perennial crop, and they’ll continue to produce year after year as long as you continue providing them with the correct growing conditions.

You’ll be able to eat pounds and pounds of morels for years to come!

I think this is a great kit for absolutely everyone.

While I may love shiitake mushrooms the most, it is easier to find them in the grocery stores near me than it is to find morels.

This is a great way to keep a constant supply nearby, and the fact that the crop is perennial and can continue to provide me with fresh morels year after year is an absolute game-changer for mushroom growing kits at large.

Reishi Mushrooms

Before I started looking into mushroom growing kits, I had honestly never heard of this distinctive mushroom.

This could be because, even though reishi mushrooms are delicious when eaten fresh or cooked, they are most commonly known for their medicinal properties.

Many people believe that reishi mushrooms contain specific molecules that positively impact human health.

They supposedly boost your immune system, have anti-cancer properties, and can help you fight fatigue and depression.

While I’m not a doctor, and can’t confirm not deny these studies, I believe that they are worth giving a chance.

Their growing kits are easy-to-use and, even if they aren’t a cure-all remedy, they still taste wonderful!

Mushroom Man LLC, Reishi Mushroom Kit - Indoor Growing Kit ~ Reishi's Legacy spans...
  • Easy Growing Kit (Reishi Kit)
  • Everything included but spray bottle.

The kit offers one of the most unique mushrooms I have ever had the pleasure to work with: the reishi mushroom! 

Reishi mushrooms, which are prized for their supposed medicinal properties, are absolutely delicious and this growing kit truly allows them to shine.

This is, in part, due to how easy this system is to use. The instructions are clearly written out, and you can tell from very early on whether or not you will be successful each harvest season.

Just remember to keep in mind that patience is the key to growing beautiful reishi mushrooms with this kit! 

It takes time for them to grow and is almost a sure-fire way to get amazing results if you just have the patience to let your mushrooms grow!

There’s A Choice For Every Type

To conclude, there’s a choice for every type of mushroom we mentioned.

If you want to grow yellow oyster mushrooms, buy the Mushroom Mojo Pro-Gro Yellow Oyster Kit.

If you want to grow reishi mushrooms, check out Gallboys’ amazing Reishi Mushroom Kit.

If you want to grow them all, buy them all!

There’s no reason to avoid changing the type of mushroom you grow in between growing seasons, or to not take a chance at growing multiple strains at a time.

Mushrooms are absolutely delicious and growing them at home is a great way to experience all the different flavors!

Tips & Tricks

If you want to keep one your kits going, try introducing your mycelium to a new growing medium.

Newly fallen logs and wood chips are great for this!

When looking at online reviews regarding mushroom kits, remember that there are MANY variables when it comes to growing a healthy mushroom crop.

It is incredibly easy to end up with small or nonexistent crops, and it might not necessarily be the growing kit at fault.

You do not need a sterile environment to grow mushrooms

When growing morels using the GMHP Gourmet Mushroom Morel Habitat Kit, try using a raised bed with at least 4 sqft of space. 

This will help keep conditions consistent for the mushrooms from year to year.

But Why Should I Use A Mushroom Growing Kit?

Mushroom Growing Kit

A mushroom grow kit is great because it gives you the chance to get to know your food. Mushrooms are absolutely delicious and are a staple food in a healthy diet.

They can also be expensive, and many strains are hard to find in grocery stores and, in comparison to mushroom foraging, using a mushroom growing kit is a sure way of getting the mushroom you want for your meal.

Mushroom collecting has become popularized by a generation of people looking to eat healthy, locally-grown, organic food.

Foraging for mushrooms in the wild is fun, and there are often plenty of varieties to choose from.

However, in comparison to growing mushrooms using a specially designed mushroom kit, foraging for mushrooms is incredibly dangerous.

An adequately identified mushroom can be the difference between life and death when you’re foraging for mushrooms. Toxic look-alikes for popular, sought-out mushroom strains can result in death.

For example, morels can be confused with a variety of highly toxic false morels include gyromitra, Helvella, and verpa.

Growing kits don’t run that same risk. If you want a morel mushroom, you buy a morel mushroom growing kit and most kit-selling companies will guarantee results or you’ll get your money back.

Mushroom grow kits make getting the right mushrooms easy and are an excellent way for you to find healthy, locally-grown, organic food without worry. They’re delicious.

And, personally, my favorite type of mushroom is the shiitake mushroom. They’re earthy and rich, absolutely perfect for my weekly vegetable stir-fry. As a result, I’m a die-hard fan of the shiitake mushroom kits.

But don’t feel pressured to start with that kit, although I’ll describe it in more detail later on. There are so many options on the market!

The first step to choosing which mushroom kit is best for you is to choose which mushroom you want to start with.

A Background On Mushroom Kits

While there are indoor and outdoor options for your at-home mushroom growing kit, many of these kits share similar characteristics. I expect the same overall appearance and steps when it comes to almost all of the mushroom kits I buy.

The majority of kits have three basic features:

  • A Growing Box
  • A Growing Medium
  • An Inoculated Substrate

The growing box generally has two appearances.

It can be a box, typically the box that the kit comes in that is prefilled with a growing medium that has been seeding with spores.

One of the most popular brands of mushroom growing kits, the Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit, grows organic oyster mushrooms straight from the box in just ten days.

Or, it can be a log (such as the ones used to grow shiitake mushrooms) that have predrilled holes that have been filled with fungal spores, also called mycelium. The logs usually come covered in cheese wax to protect from insects and other natural predators.

All of these kits come with detailed instructions, and many come with a mister bottle and a humidity tent as well. They’re designed to meet the needs of the mushrooms they grow.

But What Do My Mushrooms Need To Grow?

Tree Mushrooms

Growing kits often start with living mycelium (mushrooms) in a prepared mixture so that customers can get quick results and get to harvesting as soon as possible.

These mycelium are often at the spawning stage, where a substrate (often peat) has been inoculated (treated or introduced) to mycelium and have essentially “taken root.” This prevents long initial incubation periods before harvest.

However, whether or not your growing kit starts at that stage, almost all mushrooms have the same preferences.

Where To Grow Mushrooms: Temperature & Humidity For Mushroom Growth

Mushrooms grow best in cool, dark, humid spaces.

In the wild, they prefer areas such as caves, caverns, or underneath shade-providing trees. At home, you should place your home growing kit in your cellar, garage, or a kitchen cupboard.

I personally prefer my cellar because it keeps prying hands and paws away from my mushrooms!

By avoiding direct sunlight, I give my mushrooms the chance to grow plentiful. Sunlight overheats the mushrooms’ medium and reduces the amount of moisture in the air.

High temperatures, usually ones that are above 70°F, can have a similar impact on growing mushrooms. A temperature between 60°F and 70°F will keep the moisture in the air and help your mushroom grow.

Because, like all fungi, mushrooms need that moisture!

They absolutely thrive in moist environments. Button mushrooms, for example, grow healthy in the high humidity levels produced by compost or manure.

Shiitake mushrooms grow most rapidly when placed on logs that are kept at a moisture level between 35 and 45%.

The directions on your grow kit are designed so that you don’t run the risk of drying out your mushrooms – either with sunlight or by denying your mushrooms the moisture they need.

I know it may seem crazy to spray your mushrooms 3 or 4 times a day with water, but, trust me, it’s not! You’ll be thanking the directions when you get great results!

Different Types Of Mushroom You Can Grow 

Mushrooms For Growing

There are over 10,000 types of mushrooms from North America alone so, needless to say, it may seem like the possibilities are endless. Yet, about 96% of these are inedible, ranging from tasteless to poisonous.

The mushrooms we can consume, however, are usually beyond delicious and it can be incredibly hard to choose which mushroom species you would like to try a hand at.

Trying multiple at a time and growing in different areas is a great option for beginners and experienced mushroom growers alike so, if you see more than one species you’d like to grow, take the risk and try them all!

The most popular mushroom kits grow one of the following varieties, each of which offers its own unique growing experience and taste!

Mushroom Kit Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been growing my mushrooms for quite some time now.How do I know when they’re ready to harvest?

For the majority of mushrooms, you can tell when they’re ready to harvest by looking at the stems.

If the cap of the mushroom appears to have “popped” away from the stem, they’re probably ready for harvest.

Your mushroom grow kits should have individual instructions on when to harvest your mushrooms based on the type of mushroom you are growing.

There’s white fuzz on my growing kit!What do I do??

First of all, don’t worry!With the large amounts of moisture mushroom requires, it shouldn’t be a surprise that other types of fungi want to grow.

It’s just a little bit of mold.Try to improve air circulation in the area where your mushrooms grow, and it should go away in no time.

It’s been a really long time since I set up my grow kit and nothing is growing… What am I doing wrong?

A lack of mushroom growth may be caused by dryness or by storing your kit at improper temperatures.

Adjusting the temperature, so it’s within the 60°F-70°F range, or the range suggested in your individual directions, should help.

If you’ve been missing and the temperature is set correctly, using the plastic humidity tent could also help reach the correct moisture content.

However, you’ll have to remember to remove the tent a few times a day to allow for proper air circulation.

If you’ve done all of this and are getting no results, it’s probably time to switch kits.

Either request a new one from the company or switch brands entirely.


Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit, Harvest Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms In 10...
  • 100% ORGANIC AND NON-GMO: There's no need to worry about intoxicants that...
  • GROW YOUR PLANT ALL YEAR-ROUND: This organic mushroom indoor kit allows you...
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