Ready to try the future method of gardening but don’t know where to start?

Hydroponics is a soil-free option of gardening where the plants absorb nutrients directly from the water.

Plants are planted in non-soil growing mediums such as LECA (ceramic balls), rockwool cubes, peat moss, pumice, perlite, and coconut coir. We have comparisons on which is the best growing medium for your situation.

We have information for beginners to expert level. In addition, we have reviews on the equipment you’ll need to start your own hydroponics system.

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You’ll find basic tips on how to set up your own aquaponics or hydroponics system – including DIY and starter kits. Also, we talk about how to make perfect hydroponics nutrient solutions and what kind of water to use.

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Thinking about starting a hydroponics system?

Let us help you with the equipment you need to start your hydroponics garden.

Hydroponics systems require equipment to properly operate. You’ll need water reservoirs, a water pump to have water flow through, or alternatively, you can even get a complete starter kit.

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