Ways to Keep Roses Alive Longer

If you have ever attempted to keep a rose alive for more than a day or two, you know that it is not easy. Roses are delicate flowers that require specific care in order to thrive.

To keep roses alive for longer, use clean, room-temperature water. This will keep roses alive for longer, and, in general, fresh roses should last for one to two weeks. 

Some measures can be taken to prolong their lives and keep them in bloom for as long as possible.

Roses are relatively low-maintenance and although freshwater is a good start, we are going to take a closer look at how to keep roses alive. 

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How long do cut roses last?

Cut roses last for one to two weeks when they are tended to properly. A lot of people forget to cut flowers before putting them in a vase.

Roses need water immediately after cutting. If they are not put in water within a few hours, they will die. 

The minimum life of a cut rose is one week. However, there are ways to keep cut roses alive for longer.

Controlling the environment is important as humidity and heat will make flowers wilt faster.

Prepare the roses and vases before cutting the flowers to reduce the time they spend without water. 

You can also give your roses flower food that the florist usually provides you with. This will give your roses some nutrients to stay fresh longer.

How can I keep my roses fresh longer?

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Keep your fresh roses fresh for longer by using a clean vase, changing the water regularly, and keeping them in a cool place.

The freshwater will help keep water flowing to the buds and leaves of the plant.

The fresh, cool water that is left at room temperature will help, as will a small packet of plant food. 

Make sure the water is at room temperature, as this will prevent temperature shock.

Follow a few tips to keep roses in good condition and prepare everything before cutting. This ensures you still have fresh flowers when it comes time to put them in a vase. 

Does aspirin keep flowers fresh?

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Aspirin does help keep flowers fresh in a vase and extends their lifespan. This is especially the case when combined with other nutrients, such as flower food.

Aspirin is acidic and provides one of every flower’s basic needs. Roses, like other flowers, like acidic soil because it makes other nutrients easier for them to get. This is why they like it.

Adding a crushed aspirin tablet to a vase of cut flowers lowers the pH level of the water so it can get to the flower faster. This helps to prevent wilting. 

How long can roses remain fresh without water?

Roses can remain fresh without water for up to a few hours after cutting. They are hardy, and their tough stems allow them to survive longer than other flowers.

The maximum time they can remain fresh without water is significantly reduced in hot, dry conditions. 

When roses are cut, the petals lose moisture. This is through transpiration, where water moves through a plant and evaporates.

Placing stems in water gives them what they need to maintain their transpiration rates and keeps them fresh. 

There are some steps to follow that can help keep beautiful roses as fresh as possible for longer.

Trim the stems of cut roses

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Trimming the stems of cut roses helps them last longer. They do not need to be cut by a significant amount; around 1/2 inch will suffice.

Pull the stems out of the vase to cut them and ensure the pruners are clean before cutting.

They should also be sharp, as dull pruners may squash the stem and stop the flowers from taking in enough water. 

Cut rose stems every two to three days so they will stay fresh for longer. Each stem should be cut at a 45-degree angle.

The angled cut increases the size of the surface area, so the flowers can absorb more water. 

Remove the leaves from the stems

When placing cut roses in a vase, the leaves should not be submerged in the water.

To give your roses a longer life, you need to keep the bacteria from decaying leaves; roses wilt faster with bacteria present.

To prevent this from happening, remove the leaves from the stems.

Keep the leaves out of the vase water to significantly extend the life of the roses. 

Start with a clean vase

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Before you cut flowers, make sure the vase is clean. Dirty vases may contain harmful bacteria that will cause roses to wilt faster.

Use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to remove dirt and residue. Start by filling the vase with warm water and adding a tablespoon of baking soda.

Use a tablespoon of white vinegar and this will cause the water to become fizzy. This removes residue whilst cleaning the vase.

Rinse with clean water and use a cotton cloth to dry. 

Change the vase water regularly

Changing the vase water is one of the easiest ways to make a beautiful bouquet last longer. Preserving roses require clean water, so try to change the water every other day.

This will help keep the roses fresher for longer. Stale water will encourage bacteria to grow and reduce the lifespan of cut flowers. 

Not only this, but flowers drink a lot of water. The larger the flower arrangement, the more water they will need.

Keep an eye on water levels throughout the warmer months, as roses will be more thirsty during this time. 

Always keep roses in a cool place

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A little maintenance goes a long way, but so does the right environment. Keep roses in a cool spot to ensure they live a long life.

They do not last long when exposed to extreme conditions, especially when in direct sunlight.

Flowers wilt a lot faster when they are close to a heat source or sunlight. 

Flowers should also be kept away from fruits like bananas and avocadoes.

Fruit gives off ethylene gas, which will cause flowers to ripen and age faster. 

Is It Better to Keep Roses Fresh in the Fridge?

Keeping roses fresh by storing them in the fridge is one way of prolonging their life.

Keep them stored overnight to slow down water loss and keep blooms crisp. To try this, store flowers in a vase that is 3/4 full of water.

Keeping roses in the fridge for around six hours or more can encourage them to absorb water and stay fresh.

This is a good way of ensuring Valentine’s Day roses remain fresh before giving them as a gift. Again, be sure to remove fruit from the fridge. 


How long will roses last in a vase?

The majority of freshly picked roses should last up to one week if they are properly cared for. The most common mistake that people make when arranging flowers in a vase is forgetting to cut the stems. It is important to note that flowers will only last a few hours if they are not placed in water immediately after cutting them.

Does sugar water keep roses alive?

Yes, sugar increases the freshness of the roses and helps them last longer in the vase. A small amount of sugar added to the vase solution increases the number and size of open flowers as well as the vase’s life span. Add a pinch of sugar with some flower food when taking care of your freshly cut roses.

How often should you change rose water?

You should change the water every 2-3 days. Roses consume a large amount of water, and it is not uncommon for a large bunch of roses to absorb all of the water in a vase within the first few days of being placed in a container. Keep the vase full so that the flowers don’t dry out and die.

Do roses like cold or warm water?

Roses like lukewarm water. Use lukewarm water for your freshly cut roses rather than hot or cold water. If the water is too hot it will burn the roses, while water that is too cold will shock the flowers and affect rose blooms.


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