MARS HYDRO 600W LED Grow Light Review

Our Review On Mars Hydro 600W LED Grow Light

2022 New MARS HYDRO TS600 100Watt LED Grow Light 2x2ft Coverage, New Diodes Layout Full...
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION GROW LIGHTING: Consuming only 100W with 225 LEDS!...

Being an experienced gardener, you might know what all your plants required. What equipment is needed for a plantation, whether indoor or outdoor? What conditions are necessary for growing various types of plants?

But, first of all, the selection of the best and budget-friendly equipment matters the most. Second of all, a grow light is the most critical component required when growing indoors. After researching and personally using several grow lights, Mars Hydro 600W seems the perfect fit.


Tested and approved by certain standardized bodies, Mars Hydro 600W is absolutely environment-friendly. It allows your plants to grow uninterruptedly and healthily.
After buying an electronic item for certain bucks, your mind remains preoccupied with its operational costs. But Mars Hydro would fail the test as it is very cost-saving and energy-efficient.
I really like the versatility of these grow lights. These lights are suitable for various plant species like tomato, lettuce, weed, peppers, and any indoor plant.
Mars Hydro 600W LED light comes with a full band spectrum, including IR. It ensures uniform and effective growth for your plants.
It offers an exceptional warranty of 12 months. Also, if the product provides any kind of resistance, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
The design is quite sturdy and durable. To minimize overheating, Mars Hydro 600W comes with a cooling fan to maintain the inside temperature.


You may be a little worried as this LED is not waterproof. But, if you place it slightly away from all water sources, your lights wouldn’t be affected.
Unlike other models, this Mars Hydro 600W does not come with dual-mode switches. You are not able to choose the light effect for different types of plantations.
The diodes may create problems after a month’s usage. The lights may flicker, or the diodes may malfunction.

Main Features

Unique Design

After several improvisations and updates, Mars Hydro has come up with this 600W LED grow light. It has a sturdy design, and the brand has removed the aluminum sink to enhance the heating/cooling mechanism.

Spectral Effect

The Mars Hydro 600W LED light comes with a full spectrum containing a tinge of IR in it. The proportion of blue and red is so accurate that the lights will boost cell formation and leaf building.

Coverage Area

This efficient LED light has an extraordinary coverage range of 2 x 2. Ideally, you can grow 3-4 plants under one LED light, plants getting about 430μMol of light.

Cooling Effect

When it comes to cooling, this LED light comes with a single high-speed and less-noisy fan. It quickly sucks out the heat produced by LEDs, thereby maintaining an optimum temperature inside your grow tent.

Daisy Chain Function

If you have a larger grow space, you will need more than one LED light. Don’t worry, and the daisy chain function allows you to connect various LEDs into a single power cord.

MARS HYDRO 600W LED Grow Light 2x2ft Coverage Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Plants Growing for Hydroponic Indoor Seeding Veg and Bloom Greenhouse Growing Light Fixtures Four for 4x4 Footprint

LED Chips

Mars Hydro 600W LED comes with Epistar 5W LED chips. It distributes light evenly to all your plants without letting them wither. The chips have an increased PAR value which facilitates your plants to absorb the heat equally.


The Mars Hydro 600W makes great friends with seedlings and veggies. It delivers precisely the same amount of light that the plants crave for. Hanging it from a certain height, you will begin to see the effect of its magic light. 

Also, the daisy chain function is icing on the cake. It allows you to connect several LEDs into a single power cord. Apart from that, a user-friendly instruction manual makes the installation easier and less complicated. 

Also, you can easily turn these lights on and off without worrying about the heating/cooling process. I wouldn’t want a more versatile LED than Mars Hydro 600W being offered at an affordable price.

Efficiency and Energy

Not only affordable, but these LEDs operate for years at a minimal cost. Obviously, before buying an electronic item, you are concerned about your electricity bills. Unlike other LEDs, this energy-efficient light draws only 100 Watts of power. 

This low power requirement is not provided by most LEDs. Whatever mode or the intensity of light you operate it on, it won’t cost you enormous bills at all. Without affecting the results, Mars Hydro 600W has been able to achieve extraordinary growth over the years. 

Value for Money

Affordable to all, these LED lights provide features way beyond our buying cost. It comes with a copper metal buckle that does not rust. Features like 12-band spectrum, 5-Watt LED chips, daisy chain function, etc., are the most desired features in an LED grow light. 

All this at such a low cost! What more do you require in a grow light? The operating expenses of these LED lights are also low. All in all, this will prove to be a budget-friendly deal for you with an affordable price and minimal electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need UV on my grow light?

It is evident that UV will enhance the growth of your plants. But, UV or no UV, your plants still receive the ordinary light from the Mars Hydro 600W LED. As long as the combination of red and blue exists in the spectrum, your plants will receive the right amount of light.

What plants can Mars Hydro 600W grow?

People like Mars Hydro 600W LED light just because of its versatility. It caters to the growth of almost all kinds of plantations. It is perfectly compatible with vegetables, flowers, herbs, and also small trees.


2022 New MARS HYDRO TS600 100Watt LED Grow Light 2x2ft Coverage, New Diodes Layout Full...
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION GROW LIGHTING: Consuming only 100W with 225 LEDS!...

At last, I would say that Mars Hydro 600W LED light will definitely shine your grow space. Not literally, though. In other words, this LED light is versatile, providing you loads of unique features. My search for the best-LED light ended at Mars Hydro 600W LED. Where will yours? 

I hope that you find the right product for your grow tent. Spend your money on an energy-efficient grow light, giving effective results in terms of plant growth. Don’t get confused; just go for the right LED light.

For other options on full spectrum grow lights, we have a review on the list of our top recommended grow lights.

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